Payroll Outsourcing Service


You’ll have complete control over your company information while eliminating the burden of processing and maintaining your payroll in house.


Payroll Outsourcing

Every pay period Payroll will process and provide you with payroll checks and earning statements, direct deposit report, standard reports including a payroll register with year to date information and update all Central and state tax & Law fields. In addition we will work closely with you to create any additional reports that may help streamline


Simplify your payroll


PREHR  provides a simple and convenient way to pay your employees. Since 2010, we have earned the trust of hundreds of small and mid-sized companies, managing every aspect of their payroll processing. We pride ourselves on our commitment to servicing our customers and do everything we can to ensure your payroll is processed without a hitch.

PREHR partners up with your company, becoming your outsourced payroll experts. We take the guesswork out of getting employees paid properly and on time.

Payroll Processing steps


  1. Submit your payroll information by email– whatever is most convenient for you.
  2. PREHR  processes your payroll and handle all remittance to third Parties including PF,ESI,PT,TDS ,LWF and Provincial government and insurance providers.
  3. Your employees are paid accurately and on time through direct deposit or by cheque..



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